A Few Words About David Bowie from Natekatdeluxe

I have to say that I was never a huge fan of Davie Bowie’s music because I never took the time to listen to it as well as Nat, my son, has. There were some of his more popular songs on the radio that I liked in the late 70’s and early 80’s while in high school, but otherwise I didn’t listen to him much. Apparently I should have! Nat has written an excellent post here that explains why I should have–hence my reblogging his post.


IMG_0069The greatest photo of two people that doesn’t involve my wife and son.

The cynic in me thinks this is dumb and crass, publicly mourning an individual with whom I was not personally acquainted. In the past I’ve also thought of these kinds of things as exploitative, using tragedy to draw attention to the writer rather than the person being memorialized. I’m probably guilty of that here. I’m also far from the only person whose life was profoundly impacted by art and existence of David Bowie. A million other people, with greater skill and tact, will write and talk about him over the next few days and weeks with much deeper knowledge and appreciation for his work and art.

And yet I find myself frankly devastated by his death, in a way that’s kind of shocking. Maybe I’m shocked because, like a lot other people have noted, it never seemed like Bowie…

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